Ansteorra Kingdom Chronicler

Website renovations have begun! I am working on updating all sections of this site, to make information quicker to find, and to develop the educational sections of this site to be useful to not only Chroniclers, but also Seneschals, Landed Nobility, and anyone in your groups who may be designing Event Ads.

Some quick notes:
Please be sure Event Ads are using the new Known World Wide Approved Wording for Event Registration information!

If you wish to have an event ad run early, please send a 1/2 page ad along with your full page ad. Our event calendar has been wonderfully full, and page space is limited. You will have a much better chance of getting a teaser ad in if you send it in a 1/2 page size. This is based off of the space restrictions for the Black Star.

HL Lillias MacGuffin
Kingdom Chronicler
21 December 2017

Greetings from the Ansteorran Kingdom Chronicler, editor of the Black Star and supervisor over the local chroniclers of our fair kingdom. The site is broken into various sections; we present brief descriptions of each below:

How to reach the Kingdom Chronicler and his or her deputies.
Release forms and any other forms chroniclers (and anyone involved in Event Ad publication) need.
The Ansteorra Chronicler's Handbook, the Society Policies and any other appropriate instructional sheets and manuals. Training information for Chroniclers is here.
Primarily about event advertisements for the Black Star: How to Create, How to Prepare, and How to Send.
Frequently asked questions, or questions we think should be asked frequently if this site didn't exist.