Ansteorra Kingdom Chronicler

Effective immediately -- which is to say, as of the September Black Star, the due date for which is August 1 for materials -- event ads no longer cost groups any money.

A detailed policy of how event ads will be prioritized can be found here: -- there is a FAQ on the second page that I anticipate adding to over time. The website information about submitting ads has been revised accordingly, as will be the instructions inside the September and later Black Stars, so please be aware that prior information is now obsolete in regarding to pricing.

Any checks already sent for the September Black Star for event ads will be destroyed upon receipt. Please contact me at if you have any questions about this or anything else about the new policy.

Reis ap Tuder, CSM
Kingdom Chronicler
21 July 2014

Greetings from the Ansteorran Kingdom Chronicler, editor of the Black Star and supervisor over the local chroniclers of our fair kingdom. The site is broken into various sections; we present brief descriptions of each below:

How to reach the Kingdom Chronicler and his or her deputies.
Release forms and any other forms chroniclers need.
The Ansteorra Chronicler's Handbook, the Society Policies and any other appropriate instructional sheets and manuals.
Primarily about event advertisements for the Black Star.
Frequently asked questions, or questions we think should be asked frequently if this site didn't exist.