Ansteorra Kingdom Chronicler - Event Ads

Getting your event advertisement in the Black Star can seem like a daunting process, but several groups do it every month and for the most part, everything goes great. We hope to provide documentation here to help you have a smooth experience as well; we've broken it into three parts. Read 'em all!

Creating Ads
How to actually construct an event ad -- what must appear in it, what we suggest might additionally appear in it, how it should be formatted, what the rules are on art and maps, etc.
Preparing Ads
What's involved in actually getting your ad ready for sending -- how much will it cost? How do you pay if you do have to pay? What has to go with the ad? What can be emailed and what can't?
Sending Ads
Where do you send your event ad once you've got everything ready? When does it need to be there? What happens if it's late?