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  • full page: 7.5" wide x 10" tall
  • half page: 7.5" wide x 5" tall
  • anything else: 7.5" wide x no more than 10" tall
  • see the Event Ad Checklist for what must and should go in the ad
  • look at past Black Stars for inspiration
  • keep your text readable and your directions helpful
  • You MUST use the Society Wide Event Registration Standardized Wording: (Nowhere should the word 'fee' appear on your document).
    Adult Event Registration:                                           (This will be your high-end price) 

    Adult Member Discount Event Registration:         (This will be the normal membership discounted price) 
    Child (older age range of your choice):                 (Child comes first, then Youth, according to the new standardized policy.). 
    Youth (younger age range of your choice): 

Let's start with the technical facts: ads can be as tall as a full page or as short as the shortest that makes sense, but they need to be a full page wide. A full page of the Black Star is 8.5" x 11"... except really it isn't, because we have margins and borders and so forth. So how much is a full page really? Let's call it half an inch left on each side, so that's 7.5" x 10" for your full page ad (since it's taller than wide, like a portrait of someone, we call that portrait aspect) -- so a half page would be 7.5" x 5" page ad (since it's wider than tall, like a painting of a landscape, we call that landscape aspect.) These will probably be the most common ad sizes, and if you aim for these, or at least that width, we won't have to resize your ad much, and that's a good thing for getting what you wanted.

Now, what goes into an event ad? The following must appear in it: the event dates and times, the name of your group, the location of the event site, the autocrat's name and contact information, directions or a map, and some boilerplate stuff. Why did I sum up so much? Because you can find the details in the Event Ad Checklist -- in fact, you have to, because you'll need your Seneschal to check it off and sign it as you'll see on the Preparing page.

But what else might you put in there? Well, again, the Event Ad Checklist has several suggestions, but let's highlight a few: information about pets, information about alcohol, information about feast, the registration price (and the member discount), an idea of the event theme... things that will let people know whether or not your event is for them and whether they should go look for more information on your event website. Oh yeah, you could include the URL for that, too! (As long as it's an official site on the Ansteorra servers.)

You'll find everything in the required list above, but also everything I mentioned in the suggestions! Except a URL for the web site, but that's not always ready that early -- don't forget, the event ad has to be turned in by the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication! This ad was in the October 2012 Black Star, and that means it had to be in by September 1 -- and earlier is better in case of problems.

A few final suggestions on the creative end -- other than big splashy event names and such, keep your fonts simple and readable. Remember, bold and italic seem swell for emphasis but they reduce readability at small sizes. Keep them rare in a block of text. Make sure your ad attracts people to your event -- and on that note, make sure it helps them find your event, too! Here's a clever trick: make sure you state the site name in a way that unambiguously shows the right location in a Google Maps search. You can't include Google Maps screenshots, but there's nothing wrong with a little search engine optimization. Some folks even include GPS coordinations.