Ansteorra Kingdom Chronicler - Library


  • What are the expectations for holding a Local Chronicler Office? (Coming Soon!)
  • What are the expectations for holding a Regional Chronicler Office? (Coming Soon!)
  • I am a Baron/Baroness/Seneschal: What should I know about my Chronicler's responsibilities, what to expect from them, and what they will need from me? (Coming Soon!)
  • I am an Event Steward/my event steward has asked me to make an Event Ad for the Black Star. Where on the site should I start? (Coming Soon!)
  • We would like to have a Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Newsletter for our group. What are the pros and cons of this decision and how do we request a change? (Coming Soon!)
  • About Release Forms for Chroniclers (PDF)
  • About Electronic Kingdom Newsletters (part 1)
  • About Electronic Kingdom Newsletters (part 2)
  • Policy for "Teaser" Ads