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So let's say you've got a completely dashing event ad made, and now you need to know what comes next. You can't just email your beautiful Photoshop file (or whatever) to the Kingdom Chronicler and hope for the best! Here's what we're going to need from you, and don't forget, we're going to need it by or preferably before the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication:


  • event ad needs to be in PDF form
  • releases for artwork and photos are mandatory
  • event ad checklist has to be signed by group Seneschal or emailed from the official Seneschal email
  • there is no charge for Notes, but will only be run as space allows
  • Event Ad publication is Free!

The Event Ad (Electronic)
Long gone are the days of Kingdom Chroniclers interacting with printers. Now they generate PDFs. That means your event ad needs to be submitted in an electronic format, and almost certainly you want to send a PDF. Why? Because if you send a PDF where your ad is the right size (see the Creative page for details) then it's going to be the right size when it gets put into the Black Star, no resizing needed. That's a huge win for everyone concerned. Also, the formatting is guaranteed to be right, the fonts are all embedded -- you know that the Kingdom Chronicler is going to see your ad as you intended it. If it's going to be anything but PDF, you should contact the Kingdom Chronicler first to discuss it -- it's just going to work out better for you that way. There are free options for creating PDFs on pretty much every computing environment; ask the Kingdom Chronicler if you can't find one.
Artwork Release Forms (Electronic or Hardcopy)
Check the Forms section for the Creative Release form -- that's the one you'll need signed by anyone who contributed artwork to your event ad. That includes heraldry and maps! If by some chance you have a photo in your ad (pretty rare), you'll need the Photograph and Model Releases accordingly. If you don't have any art or photos, you don't need to send any releases. Just like the example ad on the Creating page. You can either email scanned or digitally signed forms, or put the paper ones in the US mail, if you must. Here's the important bit: If you don't include needed releases, your ad doesn't get run. Seriously. Oh yeah, and if your releases are late, your ad is late, and you may not get it run. That's just how it's got to be. Don't forget the release forms!
Event Ad Checklist
Remember that thing from the Creating page? No? Well, here it is again. This checklist is handy, yes, but it's also not optional. Your Seneschal must fill out all the blanks and must check the items off and must sign it and it must be mailed to us one way or another (that is, scanned or put in the US mail if you absolutely must -- sorry, no digitally signable one yet.) Just like with the release forms, if we don't get this, we don't run the event ad. So don't forget it or leave it to the last second!
There isn't any need to send money for event ads any more. Wow, that made this section shorter!