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Now you've got your event ad ready, and you've got the necessary releases and the signed checklist. Now who do you send it to, and how do you send it, and when do you send it? No problem, these are the easiest questions to answer... if you don't make them complicated.


  • everything, everything is due by the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication  (Example: For a January newsletter, your Ad must be in by Dec 1st).
  • everything goes to the Kingdom Chronicler
  • electronic stuff can be emailed, print stuff can be US mail
  • don't send mail that requires a signature. just don't do it
  • let us know if the same ad is requested to go in multiple issues
  • ads for events the month of publication get priority
  • when in doubt, ask the Kingdom Chronicler

Let's start with when: every one of these items is due to the Kingdom Chronicler by the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication. Want your ad in the September Black Star? The Kingdom Chronicler needs to have all of these things no later by August 1, and no later means no later. Remember, the Black Star's on a deadline also. If any part is late, the whole thing's late. If it's late, it may not get in the Black Star. Don't forget that anything sent in the US mail takes time -- and it has to arrive by the 1st.

As for to whom: the Kingdom Chronicler. That one was too easy, let's do another: how and where. Remember when we said the ad itself should be sent electronically? Email it to and nowhere else, particularly not to the Chronicler's personal address even if you know it. If you've got electronically signed versions of the releases, or scans, you can email those, otherwise the hardcopies can go in the US mail. Likewise, you can email a scan of the signed checklist, or you can put it in the US mail -- the Kingdom Chronicler's address is on the Contacts page. But let's be clear about this: don't send it in a way that needs a signature. If you're using Express Mail or something akin to it, waive the signature requirement. There should be a place on the form for that. If the Kingdom Chronicler has to go to the Post Office to sign for your package, it'll probably be late. And you don't want that. Neither does the Kingdom Chronicler. Waive the signature or use a method that doesn't require it. Or better yet, stick to email.

A few final notes: if your exact same ad is meant to go into more than one newsletter issue, let the Kingdom Chronicler know (and make sure those months are listed on the Seneschal checklist). We won't make that assumption. If your ad isn't required for the month, or you have Notes and Challenges, they may get bumped for space. We have 16 pages, no more and no less, so that month's events have to take priority. If the 1st of the month is a Sunday or a holiday, we'll give you to the next business day, but seriously, just be earlier. And finally, the most important rule of all: when in doubt, ask the Kingdom Chronicler.